Katerina Vanhanen
Birth date: Feb 24th,1988
Weight: 55 kg 
Measurements: 33"/24"/36"
Dress: 4
Shoe: 8.5
Hair: blond
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Katerina Vanhanen was born on February 24th. Sign of the Zodiak – Pisces. Since the childhood Katerina has been fond of dancing and rhythmic gymnastics.


The first publication in the glossy – FHM magazine, as part of the Next Door Girl 2005 contest. Katerina starts to think over the correctness of the chosen specialization (jurisprudence) as her higher education.


Katerina becomes a model at Duke night club. The shooting for the Osoboe mnenie magazine cover. Then follows a publication in November issue of Men's Health magazine where Katerina’s photo beautified the spreading of Hologram column. 


The opening of the official website. In February Katerina became a regular go-go dancer at the Duke. Already in April it was her first time to be invited to the club Schastie Project as a go-go dancer. May, 2008 was marked by Katerina’s enrolment to the Duke club’s project – Ambitions. Participation in Miss MAXIM 2008 contest. Since October Katerina starts permanent work at Schastie Project. In November Katerina visited Vladivostok where she worked as a go-go dancer at Davidov club and Grand Cafe. 


It is the third time of Katerina’s participation in the MAXIM magazine competition – Miss MAXIM 2009. In the middle of June Katerina visited the editorial studio MAXIM in Moscow where the casting photoshoot of the competition participants Miss MAXIM 2009 was organized. On July 26th the final show of the Miss MAXIM 2009 took place in Moscow where, following the results of the final trial, Katerina has become a holder of the title vice-Miss MAXIM 2009. In September issue of MAXIM Katerina’s photos take 3 pages. At Halloween night Katerina goes to the Schastie Project club’s ground for the last time and in several days she leaves the Sakhalin island.  Having moved to the capital, Katerina starts her permanent career in the famous night club Soho Rooms.


Since the beginning of 2010 the Katerina’s career in the acting sphere has started to develop swiftly. Katerina has taken part in the shooting of such TV projects as Bolshaya Raznitsa, Voroniny and Interni. In April the second video of the band Gradusi came out where Katerina has played one of the roles. On the 20th Russian Fashion Week Katerina has taken part in the Tatiana Parfenova’s fashion show. In summer 2010 Katerina participates in the fashion show of dresses by Anna Direchina in Cannes, at the Soho Rooms Russian party in Monaco as well as in a wide range of the other fashion shows in Moscow. By the dusk of the abnormally hot Moscow summer a September issue of FHM magazine comes out where Kateria’s photosession recieves a lot of coverage being the winner of the competition “Russian Folk-2010”. In November issue of MAXIM a new photosesson comes out of Katerina being alongside her colleagues from Soho Rooms.


The main news of the beginning of 2011 became the announcement of Katerina’s participation in the main Russian beauty contest – “Miss Russia-2011”. Throughout February 2011 Katerina alongside other participants of the contest was preparing for the final show that took place on March, 5th in Moscow. Unfortunately, the hopes of Katerina and other people supporting her didn’t justify that night. “Miss Russia – my dream which, to my great dissapointment, hasn’t come true” – Katerina professed and continued her artistic career.  


In 2012 Katerina travelled in USA where she had a several new photoshoots. By New Year 2013 Katerina comes back to Moscow to take part in cameo roles in the series “SashaTanya” (TNT) and “Traffic Lights” (STS) and participate in the shootings of such TV shows as “A minute of fame”, “Guess the melody” and others.


Participation as a model at the exhibition Russian Wedding Fair and in the stylist competition “Golden Scissors”.  For the summer-2013 Katerina becomes one of the regular dancers of the well-known club Ibiza (Odessa, Ukraine). Participation in TV casting of the project “I want to VIA Gra”. Katerina's big photoshoot was published in December issue of FHM Russia.


In August Katerina took participation as a model and dancer at Moscow International Auto Saloon. In October she got the spreads of Arsenic online magazine. And in the end of the year Katerina made her new official calendar and at this time it's World's first calendar captured with iPhone only.


June became the real hot month for Katerina: there is a lot of publications and shoots, for example, the interview for Men's Health Russia with the Italian shoot by Serge Lee and the lookbook for Russian fashion brand YB Atelier. Also this June FHM Spain charmed by Katerina and put her supasexy shoot for its five pages! Katerina went to Dusseldorf for participating in METEC 2015 exhibition. In the next month Katerina got one spread of FHM Russia. Since August Katerina became the girl of exclusive dance show Strana Ozz what comes to combination of a sparkling glamor and a provocative essence of burlesque.