Making of 2015 Calendar

Video Serge Lee Photography
2015, White Studios, Moscow


Video Serge Lee Photography
2014, White Studios, Moscow


The photoshoot for ARSENIC magazine

Photographer Serge Lee
Fashion Editor Oxana Sidorova
MUA Christina Palamarchuk
2013, White Studios, Moscow

Photoshoot by Serge Lee

Video Serge Lee Photography
2014, White Studios, Moscow

Backstage of Katerina's photoshoot in 2013

Photographer Andrey Nikitushkin
Video Backstage by Serge Lee Photography
Ph2 Studios, Moscow

The making of the 2014 Katerina Vanhanen's Official Calendar 

Photographer Serge Lee
Video Serge Lee Photography
2013, White Studios, Moscow

FHM Russia Photoshoot's Backstage

Photographer Serge Lee
Video and production Serge Lee Photography
2013, White Studios, Moscow

Svetofor TV Show

Katerina's cameo role in Traffic Lights TV Show (Season 5 Episode 34 [114]).
Director Roman Fokin
Cameraman Mikhail Selikhov
2013, Moscow

Bahamas Photoshoot

Filming and Postproduction by Serge Lee Photography
2012, Bahamas

Go-Go Promo

Filming and Postproduction by Igor Shidlovskiy
2012, Soho Rooms, Moscow

BW Promo Video

Production and postproduction Serge Lee Photography
2012, Moscow

Lingerie Shoot 2011

Backstage of Katerina's lingerie photoshoot in 2011
2011, White Studios, Moscow